the statue in the sun

the reaction when they weren't allowed on my lap


the one they let live


patroon: prayer shawl
modificaties: rand geheel in kant
garen: Scheepjeswol Invicta Colour; 75% scheerwol, 25%polyamide; kleur 951 (grijstinten)
maat naald: 4,5 mm (geeft een zeer soepelvallend redelijk dunne stof)
maten voor blocken: 180x90 cm
maten na blocken: 240x120 cm 

two cats watching TV

flipping in an old book with form drawings

trying to take pictures

talking cat

the forest in the middle of my town

finally having the testdrive

remembering good times

a change of habbits

"help" with drying my washed sheets

And yes, Dropshot is hiding somewhere in there

"help" with changing my bedsheets

my view on the other end of the couch

my sister and silly cat

adding another tree ring to my life

Happy Birthday to me

knitting with obstacles