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This was on the day my house became my home.

Lucky for me, they like my house!

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Joyce zei

So sweet! xo

Don zei

Yes, lucky you! :)

LieveSet zei

Lucky you ? Yeah, but darn lucky cats too !!
*cuddles Milk and Drop*

Laura zei


tanĂ¯a zei

This is what is still missing in my house!! ;o)

Leslie zei

yes, they are a part of the family. and yours are so beautiful...

likeschocolate zei

Too adorable. I wish my son wasn't allergic to cats. I miss having one. I grew up with cats.

Dorte zei

Cute :)

Francesca zei

What's in that tank? We have a black cat too.

♥ w o o l f ♥ zei

wait a minute, wait a minute...! please tell us what's in that tank? ;)))

Eva zei

Thanks everybody!
I made a new post on what's in the tank!