the tank

On request, the "whats in the tank" post.
I had to search for pictures, and it took me a while to find good ones from the current couple

The dark one is called Paul (Gauguin) and the light one is called Vincent (van Gogh).
They are gerbils, I have had gerbils for euhm... about... 10 years now?

I really like that they have a short awake/sleep pattern. They sleep for about 3 hours, and then are active for around a hour.

The cats seem to think that they are their personal tv, with only one channel: animal planet.
At first the gerbils didn't like it. But since I build the wooden top over the tank, they couldn't care less!

3 reacties:

♥ w o o l f ♥ zei

i love their names! having a look at your favourite books, i totally understand why. you seem to be making lovely, delicate shawls too, eva! but what i'm probably most impressed by, is the characters of those cats o' yours! do they have a mind of their ownor what, comical poseurs!!! ;)))

Anoniem zei

heel leuk

philip anderson zei

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